Habanos – Hecho En Cuba

Welcome to Cuban Cigar World.

Cuban cigars are the most famous cigars in the world, evoking images of success, sophistication and glamor.

They are hand made and each leaf is selected, cleaned and rolled in a sophisticated process that hasn’t changed in a hundred years.

Their taste is very rich with a complex aroma. They are famously full of flavor and smooth to enjoy in luxurious leisure.


Cuban cigars make it all worth while

Although they are technically unavailable because of the embargo on Cuba, they are available through various outlets including Canada.

Hecho en Cuba” means made in Cuba, but because Cuban cigars are so valuable and they are in short supply, fake ones have been known to make their way on to the market. Always buy from a reputable dealer.

Alternatively, there are many other excellent ‘Cuban’ cigars that are being made in Latin American countries. When Castro swept into power, many very good cigar makers escaped and went to the Dominican Republic and other nearby countries.

There is a lot to learn about cigars – of all sorts – and it sure is a pleasure to find out about their various qualities and complexities. Have a look at our “Cigar of the Week” offer and find yourself a cigar treat.