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is it illegal to bring cuban cigars into the united states?

the store (in my country) suggested to place the cigars in a dominican cigar box and have it sealed!!! but this is unethical and wrong. would u.s airport immigration confiscate the box (cuban)? and would they cause me any trouble? even if it was for personal use or a gift! the store owner told me that all americans use dominican boxes to decieve the port authority! who cares anyways, since castro should die any moment now.

yes it's illegal.

I prefer nicaraguan to cuban anyway

Can I ship Cuban Cigars from Mexico to the US?

I have a friend with some Cuban cigars in Mexico. Is it possible to ship them to the United States? If he does so will customs open the box and find them? Does Customs open every box that comes into the US?

it is not shipping cigars, it is the cigars themselves.

if you want to take a chance of customs intercepting, seizing, and then finding you (via the shipping address), then try it.

You have a greater chance of a parcel from Mexico being opened than one from Jamaica.