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Cigars – Not Just Cuban

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You already know about the famous flavor of Cuban cigars. But how can you really tell if you’re smoking a Cuban cigar, or a cigar from another other country?

For those new to the world of cigar smoking, you should know that every cigar producing country has its own unique flavor and character. The soil quality and the way the tobacco is produced and rolled contribute to the overall flavor of the finished product.

After allowing for significant variations in the different regions, here are some very basic guidelines for getting to know the different flavors of cigars from around the world.

The famous Cuban cigars are renowned for their smoothness and ‘creamy’ flavors. They are applauded for their rich flavors and overall premium quality.

Central American countries like Honduras and Nicaragua produce cigars that are known to be strong and rich in flavor.

Caribbean countries like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are known for their milder flavors.

Whatever country you purchase from, remember that a good way to gauge the overall flavor of a cigar is to note its diameter and length.

In general, cigars with a thicker diameter will have a richer flavor, and longer cigars are generally cooler.

Don’t get hung up on where a cigar comes from. It can be like a bottle of wine – if it strikes a chord within you and you really enjoy it, it doesn’t what country it comes from.