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Cigar of The Month

Still learning about cigars?

Confused about all the different varieties?

Want an easy way to try different cigars and learn about them at the same time ?


Here is an excellent new way to do all of the above and save time in the process.

The Cigar of the Month Club will send you 5 different fresh hand-rolled premium cigars from around the world, including cigars like the Dominican Republic’s Partagas Sabrose, Nicaragua’s Rosa Cuba Governors, United States’ San Jose Epicure, Netherlands’ Schimmelpenick Grand Corona, Honduras’ V Centennial Churchill, Mexico’s Vuelta Abajo Robusto, Philippines’ Campeon V.

Each cigar is individually vacuum sealed to preserve optimal freshness during shipping. Then all 5 sealed cigars are placed in a sealed zip lock bag for even more preserving. They are then packed in a box ready for shipping.

Wow – a great idea for a gift to someone – maybe yourself.

Thanks to Andrew Hilton who sent in this suggestion.

Click here to learn more –> Cigar of the Month Club