Habanos – Hecho En Cuba

How are people able to buy Cuban cigars from Canadian companies and have them shipped to the US?

Canadian companies such as this one: http://www.vancouvercigar.com/ordercubancigars.html claim to be able to ship authentic Cuban cigars to U.S. citizens. How is this possible? If I'm not mistaken its a felony to possess Cuban cigars…how do some Americans supposedly get around it? Wouldn't the U.S. government require that orders from companies that sell Cuban cigars be turned over to the authorities by Fed Ex or whatever is shipping them?

Cuban cigars are NOT illegal in Canada, just the US. So they are legally able to sell and ship them, because there is no law against their distribution in Canada. If a US citizen wants to deal with the illegality once they cross the border, that's their perogative.

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