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How cheap are Cuban Cigars in Mexico?

I’m soon going to Mexico and heard it’s a really good place to buy Cuban Cigars. (Some people say even better then Cuba!) How cheap are they there compared to prices in England?

They are not cheap, counterfeit cigars are cheap but real ones are not cheap.

Herfnerd was right it’s way easier to find counterfeit Cuban cigars than it is to find real ones. In fact it always makes me laugh when I see the Cohíbas in tourist areas in a glass top box. Every time there is a cruse ship in port here there are guys hawking these "Cuban" cigars.

The packaging is nice enough, the labels are not too bad, they even have fake cuban government duty stamps. if you look closely though you may see faults, like the colours in the cigar bands vary slightly or the ends of the band do not line up perfectly. But the biggest tip off to the fact that it’s fake is that Cohíba does not make a glass top box! If you want to be sure you have a real Cuban you need to go to a reputable smoke shop and then they are not cheap.

Cuban cigars are expensive no mater where you go – Even in Cuba a box of 25 would be $300 USD or more so if there’s a guy on a street in Mexico going to sell you a box of 5 for $10 what are the odds they are fake? If you said 100% you are correct :p

Taxes are cheaper in Mexico though so yes they should be cheaper than the UK but they are still not cheap.

Below is a price list from a reputable cigar place here in Merida. Not sure what prices are like at airport duty free shops but they will have some Cuban cigars there too if it’s a larger airport.

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