Habanos – Hecho En Cuba

If you take labels off of cuban cigars can they catch you?

If you are sneaking cuban cigars over from another country and just have the cigars in your pocket with the labels off how can they catch you? How would they know its a cuban cigar and what is the penalty for being caught?

To answer an earlier question from another poster yes Cuban Cigars are illegal (until Castro dies) from anywhere. It would be kind of pointless to have an embargo against a country if we allowed them to trans ship to the US through 3rd parties.

To answer this question, all items coming to the US must have country of origin labels on them. If your cigars don't have them we could technically take them. The fact is though we really don't care that much. We are not going out looking for Cuban Cigars, we just have to take them if we find them. Even then it is a little iffy. If we have a line in secondary of good targets, we could care less about your four Cuban cigars.

The penalty if we decide to seize them is we take them and cut them up and you go on your way, no big deal.

By the way, most of the "Cuban" Cigars we see coming through are not actually Cubans. There are a lot of people taking advantage of the embargo and selling some poor quality cigars, We can tell when we break them and they are the driest crap you can imagine.

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