Habanos – Hecho En Cuba

What are cuban cigars supposed to taste like?

I want to know if i have a good source for buying tobacco, what do cuban cigars taste like? Compare them to cigarettes or other cheaper cigars.

Thanks to Uncle Fidel and his communist regime, most of the good cigar makers have left Cuba to set up shop in Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Costa Rica. A few others.
That being said, the very wide ranging tastes and flavors of cigars grown in different soils will depend on your personal preference. You’ll simply have to experiment with different filler/binder/wrapper combinations.
Try this: http://www.cigaradvisor.com/. That should get you started. Cigar smoking is not a habit, but a hobby. It will take research and trail & error to find your niche in the cigar world. Good luck, and happy smoking!
Also try www.cigarsinternational.com.

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