Habanos – Hecho En Cuba

What Makes Cuban Cigars So Special?

CUBAN CIGAR rollers are claimed to be the most skilled in the world, in their particular trade.

Cuban cigars are either hand made, or machine made, rolled from tobacco leaves found throughout the country of Cuba.

Cigars manufactured in Cuba are widely considered to be without peer, although many experts believe that the best offerings from Honduras and Nicaragua rival those from Cuba.

Cigars from Cuba are derived from tobacco components found throughout the country of Cuba: meaning the filler, the actual tobacco, and wrapper all come from different portions of the island.

Cuban long-filler cigars combine tobaccos from different parts of the island to incorporate several different flavours. Cuban cigars are NOT made from dried and fermented tobacco.

So when you ask yourself, “Is it worth the higher price when I buy a Cuban Cigar?” the answer is “YES!”.

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