Habanos – Hecho En Cuba

Why are cuban cigars banned in the states?

I was watching the "bubble boy" episode of Seinfeld lololololol. When Kramer was making a deal with the Cuban Embassy for cigars it made me wonder why on earth would something like cigars be illegal in some areas. Please enlighten me if you know, thanks.
Wow I don’t know who to give best answer to ….their all good. eany-meany-miney moe.
I thought mabey it had something to do with marijuana smuggling or something like that.

saw it to … anyways its illeagal to buy stuff form cuba because it was a enimy of the US 1960s because of it communist rule allance with the USSR and poor human rights issues. this start in cold war times aka US vs China Russia Cuba vetinam and other comunist contries

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