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Are Cuban Cigars Really The Best?

It’s stapled in pop culture; even among non-smokers, that Cuban cigars are the best. But why is this so? Is it just because they are a forbidden pleasure here in the States and has that “banned” quality to it? What actually makes Cuban originated cigars the best?

Cuban cigars use to be the best but that’s no longer the case. Part making a cigar is aging the tobacco. The growers would actually age it for a couple of years. Nowadays, Cuba depends too much on the tobacco dollar so the tobacco is aged only a few months, leaving you with an inferior cigar.

Can I ship Cuban Cigars from Mexico to the US?

I have a friend with some Cuban cigars in Mexico. Is it possible to ship them to the United States? If he does so will customs open the box and find them? Does Customs open every box that comes into the US?

it is not shipping cigars, it is the cigars themselves.

if you want to take a chance of customs intercepting, seizing, and then finding you (via the shipping address), then try it.

You have a greater chance of a parcel from Mexico being opened than one from Jamaica.

how much do cuban cigars cost in a regular canadian smoke shop?

i want to but 7 montecristo no. 4 cuban cigars, does anyone know around how much it will cost? i have 80 dollars for them so will that be enough? if not, how many can i get or how much to they cost individually if i went to a smoke shop in canada?

you do know they got weed in um right…. and there expensive

What are the effects of smoking a legal Cuban cigars after you put it out?

I just smoked a legal Cuban cigar. It’s legal because it was imported into the USA before the ban went into effect.

I had smoked it before and it wasn’t too strong. I put it out when I was halfway through. I let it sit for about a week and then smoked the rest today.

It was much, much stronger. I was definitely messed up afterward. Why is it so much stronger the second time around? How does it compare with lighter cigars, like Black and Mild’s?

If you smoked it a week after putting it out, it was stale and dried out. I

And what do you mean ‘legal’ cuban? Is it a ‘clear Havana’ cigar or one of the ones rolled with supposed pre-embargo tobacco?