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Can Cuban cigars be delivered to the US from other countries?

Is it possible to order genuine Cuban cigars from another country, to be delivered to the US?

I live in the US, and I know nothing about spotting fakes. I just wanted to be able to give someone a nice retirement present.

If there is any way for someone in the US to get Cuban cigars delivered, please let me know. Thanks for your help!

Legally, you don't have the right to do it.

However, there are some online shops that will ship Cuban cigars to the United States. Some of them are very reliable, others are not. You can message me if you want some more info.

Does the US Government really have the right to stop Americans from buying or smoking Cuban cigars?

I just read an article saying that Governor Schwarzenegger was up in Ottawa to meet up with the Prime Minister there and stopped off at a hotel and bought a cuban cigar to smoke. Now apparently, the U.S. embargo got more strict in 2004, when it also became illegal for American citizens to purchase or smoke the cigars abroad. My question is does the US Government really have the right to tell us that the American citizen isn't allowed to buy or smoke a cigar because they, the government, doesn't like the political agendas of a communist Cuba? This just seems ridiculous to me. Any thoughts from anyone?

We should start a War on Cuban Cigars to rid this peril from our day.

Until the law is challenged in court, it's the law. I don't think the government has the right to do restrict legal activities done in foreign countries. If you were trying to bring some home, however, they'd have every right to stop you.

What is the difference between regular and Cuban cigars?

Why do men like Cuban cigars better and why are they illegal here in the United States?

The US has a trade imbargo with Cuba. Cuban products are illegal in the US. You CANNOT bring even one cigar into the country legally. Please be careful about that. And it's true that most supposedly cuban cigars in the US are counterfiet and not worth the money (in Mexico too, for that matter).

As for why guys like them, well there are a couple reasons. Perhaps for one, just because they are illegal, so it seems a bit naughty. But for the experienced cigar smoker, the truth is in the pudding. Cuban cigars are the best. Specifically the top brands, they are made by cigar rollers whose fathers and grand fathers were cigar rollers. And the tobacco is the best. I have heard that one of the reasons is the high lithium content of the soil in the great tobacco areas of Cuba. So as you smoke, you get a little lithium stoned. I don't know if that is true, but I think it might be. In any case, the best thing with Cuban cigars, is that they just taste great. Full bodied, but not harsh. Smooth and yet powerful.