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Cigars as Gifts

Cigars make a wonderful gift – they are well received and regarded as a real and luxurious treat, and they are affordable.

If you have a friend or relative who loves cigars you may be wondering how to choose a decent cigar for your friend or loved one. Even if you know nothing about cigars or choosing a good cigar, just learning a few basics can help you sniff out (sometimes literally) a good cigar to give to a friend.

Fortunately, cigars have now entered the mainstream. Once the symbol of the rich and powerful, it’s easier than ever for just about anyone to purchase a good cigar. Of course, you probably won’t be able to buy your friend a box of top-tier Cuban cigars, but you can definitely buy them a good quality cigar that will put a smile on their face.

First, visit your local tobacconist or specialty smoke shop for the best quality and widest selection. Avoid ‘drugstore’ cigars. Although they may be inexpensive and convenient to purchase, drugstore cigars are usually filled with preservatives and generally of poorer quality.

They may contain, at minimum, saltpeter, paper, glycerin, and other preservatives and irritants. You should make sure that the cigars you purchase are made of 100% tobacco. If you have any questions regarding the cigars ingredients, ask the salesperson. An experienced and knowledgeable sales clerk will be able to tell you extensive information about the ingredients.

Your local tobacco shop is a good place to shop because you will generally be allowed to smell and touch the cigars. There are a few guidelines to remember before handing over your hard earned –

  • Squeeze the cigar gently – a good quality cigar will give a little when squeezed
  • The cigar should be firm, with no excessively soft or hard spots
  • Never buy a lumpy cigar. Look at the wrapper. If you notice any drying or discoloration, best not to buy it.
  • Ideally, the wrapper should be tight and smooth
  • Inspect the color of the tobacco to make sure it is even. Do this by inspecting the end of the cigar. Some color variation is normal, but if the color changes abruptly, chances are the cigar was not rolled properly
  • A cigar that is not rolled properly may result in an uneven burning and unpleasant odors.

If you’re not sure how much your friend smokes, choose a longer cigar. Longer cigars tend to have a ‘cooler’ taste—an excellent choice for beginners.

If you know your friend is an experienced and regular smoker, choose a cigar that is greater in diameter. These cigars tend to have a richer flavor that experienced smokers will appreciate.

Cigars – Not Just Cuban

Taste the World’s Cigars

You already know about the famous flavor of Cuban cigars. But how can you really tell if you’re smoking a Cuban cigar, or a cigar from another other country?

For those new to the world of cigar smoking, you should know that every cigar producing country has its own unique flavor and character. The soil quality and the way the tobacco is produced and rolled contribute to the overall flavor of the finished product.

After allowing for significant variations in the different regions, here are some very basic guidelines for getting to know the different flavors of cigars from around the world.

The famous Cuban cigars are renowned for their smoothness and ‘creamy’ flavors. They are applauded for their rich flavors and overall premium quality.

Central American countries like Honduras and Nicaragua produce cigars that are known to be strong and rich in flavor.

Caribbean countries like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are known for their milder flavors.

Whatever country you purchase from, remember that a good way to gauge the overall flavor of a cigar is to note its diameter and length.

In general, cigars with a thicker diameter will have a richer flavor, and longer cigars are generally cooler.

Don’t get hung up on where a cigar comes from. It can be like a bottle of wine – if it strikes a chord within you and you really enjoy it, it doesn’t what country it comes from.

Is it legal to bring Cuban cigars into Canada?

Is it legal to bring Cuban cigars into Canada?

Of course. Somebody here that claims to be from canada told us that fidel and a certain pierrot trudeau, that seems to be an important guy in canada were very close friends

I want to bring back a couple of boxes of cuban cigars from Bonaire?

I am going to Bonaire in November from Bosont Mass to Scuba Dive. I like Cuban cigars and want to bring back a couple of boxes would I have problem with customs. I have a carry on. I was in Jamacia last year a brought back a box of Romeo Juleta in my carrey on and after passing through the metal dector and id machine there was nothing wrong. I was in Newark.

My sister smuggled them back. She did tuck them between her clothes, but I don't think anyone is going to find them unless the TSA goes through your luggage. Just hope you don't get randomly searched. I always wondered what would happen if you FedEx them to yourself.