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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Can you now bring back 5 cuban cigars to the US per person when traveling home from abroad?

I was told in Mexico that it is ok for a US citizen, because of a change made by President Obama, to bring back 5 cuban cigars per person into the United States. I can’t find any proof of this online. Does anyone know the answer?

That is the proposal, but the ban on Cuban exports is still in effect. You are still forbidden to travel to the country of Cuba and you may not bring into the US any product made in Cuba. Sorry.

What kind of Cuban cigars should I try?

I’ll be traveling overseas in the fall, somewhere that isn’t trying to punish Castro or something like that, and I’m wondering what kind of Cuban cigars I should try. Advice?
I’ll be going to Ireland, specifically.
Did you mean Romeo y Julietas?

I’m half Cuban and my family only smokes the Don Diegos